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Attribute routes

Firstly, routing is the process of determining a url that maps a browser request to a specific MVC controller action. MVC 5 has support for another type of routing named “Attribute Routing”, a reason as to why this is useful is that it enables the functionality of defining routes above a controllers action method using something called “attributes”. Another purpose for this may be that you want a descriptive action method…

What is MVC?

We first have to ask ourselves what exactly is MVC? MVC is an architectural pattern i.e. a way a building software which separates the software into 3 main concerns, these being Models, Views & Controllers. One of the main reasons to implement an MVC software project is that it helps achieve a principal called…

What is useContext?

useContext is a hook that allows us to pass data to components that are multiple levels within the component tree without having to pass in props to each level of the component tree . An example…

Use local and URL-based videos in your React Native app

video clapper board used to record scene, take, and other production details
Photo by Donovan Silva on Unsplash

Get Started

The first thing you will need to do is to create a folder anywhere on your system. I like to use the downloads or desktop folder. Create a folder named rnvideoproject.


In incredibly simple terms “padStart" is used to “pad" or “concatenate" a string to the start of another string up to a specified length. So let’s say we have a variable like the below.

let myVar = “6";


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